Life Insurance & Retirement Planning

Individual Life Insurance

Your family depends on you for so much! Whether you’re the primary provider, or not a wage earner, you need life insurance. Life Insurance provides crucial protection for loved ones. When you lose your spouse or child, it’s emotionally and financially devastating. Life insurance helps with the financial impact of death by providing your dependents with a vital source of income and the ability to reduce debt. Our professionals guide you through the options of Term Life, Whole Life, and Universal Life Insurance to find the best plan of affordable protection to fit your needs.

Individual Retirement

Americans are living longer, so there’s more time to enjoy retirement! What’s your retirement dream – to travel our great nation, pursue your hobbies, dine out with friends, or relax in a cozy retreat? It takes careful planning to make your dream a reality. Even if you have a retirement plan through your employer, you may need to supplement your retirement savings. With our experience, we’ll assist you with your Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, or Spousal IRA. Would you like to invest more for your future? Our professionals will guide you through secure Retirement Investments that aren’t subject to contribution limits, so you can invest as much as you’d like.

Business Life Insurance

You put everything you’ve got into your business. You may not think about death too often, but it’s a reality for everyone and sometimes it comes too soon. The Business Owner and Key Employees are critical to your company’s success. When tragedy strikes these individuals, a business will likely suffer extreme financial hardship. Life Insurance allows you to manage this risk. Through the Buy-Sell Agreement, Life Insurance provides the capital to buy the deceased owner’s interest. It also provides the necessary funding to maintain operations, and cover the cost of hiring and training the right employee. 

Business Retirement

Owning a small business offers flexibility, freedom and control over your earning potential. While the perks are plentiful, small business owners are responsible for all business operations, including the retirement plan for themselves and their employees. The good news is there are many ways to save for retirement and to retain your great employees. Our professionals will evaluate the benefits of a SEP-IRA, SIMPLE-IRA, and Individual 401(k) for your retirement investment opportunities. We’ll help you navigate the funding options for your Traditional 401(k), Roth 401(k) and 403(b) plans.